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Mature content
Beyond Eternity. :iconuruwashiijoshii:uruwashiijoshii 0 0
Mature content
The Color of the Collar. :iconuruwashiijoshii:uruwashiijoshii 0 0
A Pinnacle of Distress
We're a long way from where we first started,
But that isn't the end of the test.
We're a long way into the mess we've made;
At a pinnacle of distress.
We're not very happy, we're not very sad.
We're wandering, searching to find;
The love and happiness that we all cherish;
Yet what have we done with our minds?
We search all around, search high and low;
For something to fill the void.
We do anything, we do everything;
We're not humble; We get annoyed.
We're not all fit for the life of good will;
Most of us live in big lies.
Not fighting for life, just fighting for thrill;
We need to cease this demise.
We're not always paying attention to her;
That has bore us and kept us alive.
Yet we poison, destroy, and decimate her;
And call it "progress", but she will die.
We use our strength to gain more power;
But if we all just stopped, we'd be great.
We try to grow strong to withstand the showers;
Yet we don't stop to question the hate.
We're all just trying to take our time.
The illusion is nev
:iconuruwashiijoshii:uruwashiijoshii 0 1
That Girl.
That girl over there says she’s six feet under.
Are dead and awesome the same, I wonder?
That girl could straight set fire to thunder.
And that girl is right on time.
That girl could turn the night right into day.
Within that kiss, you won’t notice, anyway.
A hint of love, and a hint of lime.
That girl, one of a kind.
For I’ve been down this road before.
Shattered crystal heart, but I still want more.
She picks up the pieces and kisses them, lord.
That girl, I hope she’s mine.
(Oh. Oh-oh, oh.) I might be fallin’ in love.
(Oh. Oh-oh, oh.) With you, to~night!
(Oh. Oh-oh, oh.) I might be fallin’ in love.
(Oh-Oooohhhhhh.) I hope you hold-- me--  ti~ight!
That gir~l, she’s a vixen for sure.
Can-I-not, trust-my-eyes, here, an-y-mo~re?
She’s so sweet and cute, and now four on the floor.
I love her for all time.
For I’ve been down this, road be~fore.
Shattered crystal heart, but I still want more.
She holds~ me~ close~, all of the ti~m
:iconuruwashiijoshii:uruwashiijoshii 0 1
Times Like These
I saw you today, you were in a state.
You needed a friend or a hug.
I knew you for not having to give, just to take.
I hoped that you'd be someone's target to mug.
But I looked at myself, my thoughts staining my words.
I cleaned them up in a jiffy.
I went inside your humble home;
And I thought I might just stay spiffy.
And it's times like these, we learn to live again.
It's times like these, we give and give, again.
It's times like these, I wish I had a friend.
It's you and me, dying until the end.
I saw you drink up all my wine;
Smoke without recourse.
In my head, you're doing time.
I am not a beaten horse.
Is it me or is it you?
I know 'I' exercise kindness.
I hold my heart out, steady and true.
I'm waiting for you to find it.
It's times like these, we learn to live again.
It's times like these, we give and give, again.
It's times like these, you force another friend.
It's times like these, time and time, again.
So now we're parted, you feel better.
I am of little consequence, now.
:iconuruwashiijoshii:uruwashiijoshii 0 0
I love you.
To travel by far, by foot or by car;
On boat or dinghy or tree.
I would do anything, just for your love.
I don't think very highly of me, you see.
I don't jump very high, I don't throw very far.
I can't sing with the grass or the reed.
But you, of the light, you'll love me, despite;
The fear of my loathing of me.
You're kind, you're lovely, you're an angel of sorts.
You tolerate the crimes of the blind.
I don't know why you love me but I love you so.
It's an honor to call you "mine".
You're a spirit of earth, grounded and true.
Your beauty is greatly sublime.
I love you more than the sun loves the stars.
I'll love you throughout all of time.
I don't need children, I don't need a house.
I don't need the wave and the wake.
I don't want to give-up what I see in life;
But that's something that you'd never take.
I love you more than the shore and the sand.
I love you so much that I shake;
Whenever your heart is in pain or in peril,
I am here as soon as you wake.
You are the love of my life,
:iconuruwashiijoshii:uruwashiijoshii 0 0
Trial and Error (Do The Twist)
"If thi~ink that a kiss is al~l in the lips--
C'mon... You've got~ it all wrong~ man."
And if ten tons of bricks and a Fallopia flip doesn't light up your tires then you're a pacifist.
And if I can't rev you one more time by offering kinetic bliss, you're a wreck, not a rider, who may one day take the easy quit.
But if you can't die happy, you can at least die bored, and prove to the sky and sun you weren't just a lord--
On your own throne and not to be despised or abhorred because you can try real hard to be worth a good mourn.
But if you can't find a way to be good in a token, the memories you have not worth two cents or unspoken,
It's never too late to try to fix something that's only--
bro~ken and build new times of good will, not misfortune.
But with the luck of a sailor, if you're stuck in a stint, and you're not budgin' much or you're sick of it?
With a heart half there that doesn't emit?
"Oh well. Then do the twist."
-Jose E Boyd.
:iconuruwashiijoshii:uruwashiijoshii 0 0
Field Sniper
Reeking of the sleek and desolate of tone, spent in a life of angles and ruin.
I once saw the gunslinging man.
He was a small fighter of figure made for stone, a land faring man of the truants.
He never reached out for a hand.
He spent his life in others and none for a cause, and this is the only facade he displayed.
Though hunting bandits and wicked martyrs was his only discord, he was still a man of dismay.
He did not reveal that the world was once his, brought to him by his father; before him.
Trained for a healthy life of hard-earned living, he'd learn to never let the world simply bore him.
He is a stalwart warrior, a genuine hero, a man of the breath and stroke.
Were we all swordsman in a time gone by, his family would be high-honored folk.
Yet things bring to wonder if I ever could have seen him without the help of his aid.
I only ever saw him with his own binoculars, and a moment he was left in slight dismay.
I will never forget that day.
He carried a Russian Dragunov like a ty
:iconuruwashiijoshii:uruwashiijoshii 0 0
Fences in a row, to remember in a hold,
wired and protected in a row, like a mold.
The band breaks in strides and drives the planks to the sounds and scents.
If only your necessary silhouette joined the dissi-dissi-dissidents.
Hold on, it's better un~done,
If you're really on your own;
Thinking this is fun.
Fea~thers, falling from drapes.
Fold her into pieces,
Tie her up and lace.
The notes hang high and I play for you with every step.
Though your chair is vacant, I still think you're the best.
Someone else sits there, but only for the night.
When I get home, you'll still drive me to flight.
Hold on, it's better un~done,
If you're really on your own;
Thinking this is fun.
Fea~thers, falling from drapes.
Fold her into pieces,
Tie her up and lace.
Fences, in a row. Fences, in a row.
I wouldn't catch any other prey, with a lasso in tow.
I wouldn't love any other even if I was so told.
:iconuruwashiijoshii:uruwashiijoshii 0 2
Mature content
Everything. :iconuruwashiijoshii:uruwashiijoshii 0 11
My Sweet Amore.
Every time that I seem low;
Every time I count my woes;
Every bad experience;
Every time, you take the brunt.
We love and play, live and laugh.
I only stop to give and gab;
Towards my love that I hold true.
I love you so, and only you.
Every time I praise your name;
For every gift, you give the same.
I cannot stop this loving you;
You are my pride and joy; just you.
We tease and tickle, romp and sing.
I only stop to enjoy the things;
We get so silly and closer for;
Because I'm not sad anymore.
For every time you tease and whisper;
I cannot help but want you more.
For you never scar and never blister;
My love for you, my sweet amore.
:iconuruwashiijoshii:uruwashiijoshii 0 8
My Normal Hair. by uruwashiijoshii My Normal Hair. :iconuruwashiijoshii:uruwashiijoshii 1 9 Me, with Straight Hair. by uruwashiijoshii Me, with Straight Hair. :iconuruwashiijoshii:uruwashiijoshii 0 15
Mature content
A Hot Breath. Don't Resist. :iconuruwashiijoshii:uruwashiijoshii 0 4
To Those That Are Lost.
To mind or to naught, the woes of a lot;
To live or to die, to eternally writhe.
To reach or to want; the breath in a taunt;
To master or to find, the struggle, combined.
It's a sin, it's a sin. But then, such is conception.
I beg to differ, it's within your dereliction.
Though, I plead: Don't ignore the state of things.
It's the struggle of hate that you tend to bring.
It's the core of this business, the wish for an end.
It's the sensible, whimsical, need for those men;
That rise above and leave lights for us all;
And never seek to bewilder or fall.
You are not one of them, yet I commend you still.
Do not lose heart, or sight of your will.
Not everyone has a clear vision of their tracks;
Before them as though a beautiful map.
Still, you need help, I will give you this.
Keep your head steady, and don't ever resist;
The change that could carry you to a writhing that'll stop.
To mind or to not; the woes of a lot.
:iconuruwashiijoshii:uruwashiijoshii 0 0
Mature content
Movie Night. :iconuruwashiijoshii:uruwashiijoshii 2 12


League Of Legends - Ahri by Cushart League Of Legends - Ahri :iconcushart:Cushart 10,719 212 Pixel Nyan Cat by DAV-19 Pixel Nyan Cat :icondav-19:DAV-19 9,598 1,180 Andrew Hussie Kills Everyone by Hanari502 Andrew Hussie Kills Everyone :iconhanari502:Hanari502 1,707 233 Behind by abcartattack Behind :iconabcartattack:abcartattack 56 8 Homestuck - The Kids (colored) by IchinekoMonogatari Homestuck - The Kids (colored) :iconichinekomonogatari:IchinekoMonogatari 22 1 Homestuck - Aradia Megido by IchinekoMonogatari Homestuck - Aradia Megido :iconichinekomonogatari:IchinekoMonogatari 68 4 Aradia Singing Thing by IchinekoMonogatari Aradia Singing Thing :iconichinekomonogatari:IchinekoMonogatari 99 10 DAVEREZI THINGY? colored for colouraptor by IchinekoMonogatari DAVEREZI THINGY? colored for colouraptor :iconichinekomonogatari:IchinekoMonogatari 259 20 You might just have to... by Havenstuck You might just have to... :iconhavenstuck:Havenstuck 7 13 Sleeping Kitty by butterflybudda Sleeping Kitty :iconbutterflybudda:butterflybudda 13 0 Vriska by butterflybudda Vriska :iconbutterflybudda:butterflybudda 10 0 Noir by butterflybudda Noir :iconbutterflybudda:butterflybudda 75 8 Jadesprite by butterflybudda Jadesprite :iconbutterflybudda:butterflybudda 42 1 Kanaya Badge by butterflybudda Kanaya Badge :iconbutterflybudda:butterflybudda 88 3 Serket by butterflybudda Serket :iconbutterflybudda:butterflybudda 57 1 HS - Sweet Dreams by feshnie HS - Sweet Dreams :iconfeshnie:feshnie 189 14


A wonderful little poem for the cat takeover that happened on DeviantArt a little while back. Gotta love kitties. I know I do, I have t...

I have no idea why you asked for a critique on an emotional poem, darling. Not exactly the best idea, seeing as most people will come a...


So, I broke-up with the girl I was writing about.

I guess we couldn't communicate well-enough. I wasn't around very often, after starting a band. I felt horrible for a really long time and couldn't date, but fell for someone.

Unfortunately, I am bleeding black, around her. I pray she understands, because I tried to ruin myself, I was so depressed. This is one of the few times in my life I have truly faltered from who I am, but I am learning. She has reminded me, life is a learning process, and that is what makes it beautiful. I have written a little more, and I will learn to love, again. I can't help but try to, regardless, around her. She is amazing, and lights-up  my heart in ways I can't describe. She brings me peace and honesty when I am doubting. She soothes my spirit when it wanes. I will be strong again, I will be better for her. If not, I will only grow stronger, regardless, with her in my life.

I hope to one day be a romantic, again. I seem to have become very cynical, but so relentlessly pushy about not wanting to accept it, I have no other choice but to scatter myself into a million pieces, and try and pick myself up, again.

Acceptance. It seems to be harder to do than I really want to admit, these days. Perhaps because I harbored a victim, stayed strong for him, helped him, and all he did was betray me by pushing me past my boundaries and ignoring my pleas for him to stop. Cold? Okay, I can do that. Senselessly deceptive? No, thank you. I am not a drug dealer, I have no need for your methods of cruelty and unkindness. I understand life, and I'd like to keep it that way, thank you very much.

To new beginnings. I find this toast to be a little washed-out, but I know it's just my heart, yearning to be safe.

To proper living, then. May you all find serenity in your life that guides you when you are lost.
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  • Reading: Keats
  • Playing: MapleStory.
  • Eating: Salmon Sandwiches.
  • Drinking: Love.


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Josh B.
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Hi! I'm Josh! I'm 26 and I love to write! I write sometimes just for the fun of it, but I can't really say that I am at an amazing level yet. I have won awards for my writing though. So there's that. Anyway, feel free to read stuff off of my site. I write Free Verse and Traditional 4-line stanzas. I've written in my own style before and I was hoping it was so beautiful that I could get my own form named after me, but alas, I can't seem to find it to post it.

Maybe another time, or maybe I'll write something else.


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